Sunday, 12 April 2009


AS Psychology revsion...
"N-Dibs" (extended version) to the tune of strong again by N-Dubz

N-Dibs N-Dibs
Daddy Die

(all that haha stuff insert here)

When I was 5 I started acting really violently
At school I played alone, "dont dare try n interact wit me"
My parents thought my actions were from some kinda injury
Brain damage, retardation, nah, its coz they wasn't lovin me.

But see things had to change
They couldnt stay the same
I went to therapy and Freud got right in to my brain
Talkin, playin,
My actions were conveyin
The real reasons for the ways I was behavin

See then my mum told him that I
was an accident
I ruined her career, which she resented dear, they found it hard to relate to a child

He was really rather clever,n his behavior eventually got better
He was really rather clever, IQ of 168 yeahh
The violence was displacement of the anger that he had towards his father
but in the end
things got better
their relationship finally got better.

its brief but makes the topic slightly more interesting :)

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